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Oh my! I honestly didn’t know any such members of Congress still existed! How fortunate you are, indeed. Our supposedly conservative congressman would occasionally do a robo-call town hall meeting that we could join by phone, and you may or may not get on to ask him a question, but could listen to everyone else’s. I did get on once and asked him a point blank question about Obamacare, after hearing he was supporting a bill to force all government employees onto the program. He responded, “Absolutely not!” Lied through his teeth in front of everybody – I learned days later that he’d already co-sponsored exactly such legislation with a Michigan representative. His staff even tried to deny it until I cited the bill and read his co-sponsorship to them over the phone, and then the songs and dances began. I’ve got no more hope for anything past the local level anymore – call my cynical and angry, and I’ll raise my hand in agreement.

And if I could handle the cold, I think VT would be a beautiful place to live out the rest of our lives. People like you and Whirlybird are truly fortunate to be so relatively isolated from the “real world” where you live. I’d include Maine in that, but with Kennebunkport having been invaded by the Bush Klan, I dunno (such a beautiful coastal area, too!).