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Freedom, we’re in substantial agreement then. I still don’t want Trump having to deal with a Democrat Congress, however. Even a LITTLE pseudo-party unity among so-called Republicans, allowing Trump to possibly get SOME decent legislative changes through Congress, would be better than constant gridlock with a Democrat Congress. And in my case, I’ve actually got a brand new choice for a U.S. Representative (mine’s retiring – HOORAY!), and an opportunity to get rid of one of our two U.S. Senators. That happens in my state this coming Tuesday – and you can BET I’m going to be voting in those two races! Come November, my votes for the two congressional offices in play will absolutely be Republican, regardless of who’s there – just so there’s a better chance of having people with the same party label in Congress in case Trump becomes President. And if Billary wins it, I absolutely want at least SOME opposition in Congress against her, even though I don’t trust the Republican Party dictators to generally do the right thing. I just know that the Democrats now days will most certainly always do the worst thing.

Make no mistake – I was raised Republican, began supporting Republican candidates as soon as I was capable of studying the issues and making up my own mind, and walked neighborhoods, manned phone banks, etc., in support of Republican candidates. The Party left me – I did not leave the Party. To be honest, the last Republican I truly supported was Barry Goldwater. I was wowed by Reagan, particularly with his desire to do away with the Department of Education – and he did not. Since Reagan, I have not considered myself a Republican. If we ever get nuked by Iran or North Korea, my fantasy is that they’d lob just one device over here, that it would be during a State of the Union address with the entire Congress, President, VP, the Supreme Court, and tons of agency heads all present, and that it would detonate on contact with the Capitol Dome. Poof! Mighty reset. Hopefully it would take out everyone in the order of succession. At least maybe then we’d end up with something like the last episode or two of the old TV series, “Jericho,” with competing regional governments, including one headquartered in Texas. And we could start over from there. But then I also have fantasies of becoming a millionaire (preferably more), and moving to a far more ideal place then we’re stuck now, where we could ramp up our SHTF preps to a level far better than we can currently afford. Ahhhh … dreams …..