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So if you want Trump, then why stay home? You can still go vote for JUST Trump on Election Day, thereby at least canceling out a Hillary vote. Unseen by many thus far is the fact that Gary Johnson is running again under the Libertarian banner, and in a recent poll he actually got 10% of the votes in a 3-way ballot! Even without Mitt having any success at running a 3rd party candidate, Johnson MIGHT draw enough disaffected voters away from Trump and Clinton to throw it into the House anyway – long shot, yes, but so were Sanders and Trump. And this isn’t like any previous election. Who EVER thought Sanders would pose a significant threat to Clinton, or that Trump would make it this far? But they did.

I have no argument with you on communism vs. dictatorship. We’re on the same page there. But if Clinton wins the presidency, she gets to affect the makeup of the Supreme Court for much longer than many of us will be alive. Look at the margin in Kentucky this past Tuesday – only one vote in every OTHER precinct made the difference for Clinton (3696 precincts but only 1924 votes difference between those two candidates – and 7% of those actually voting, voted for someone OTHER than Clinton or Sanders.

Cuban American lives matter – as long as they still vote. Yes, you may only slow down the destructive process both parties are engaging in, but you don’t know what might happen in the future if you’ve helped to delay the final takeover. Just look what tiny little Vermont accomplished with the GMO issue, when huge California couldn’t get it done, despite PepsiCo and Monsanto’s money. It ain’t over ’til it’s over, my friend. But give up now, and you’ve voted for the worst of the worst, thereby helping Trump be stripped of the opportunity to even try.