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Today I bought a two man cross cut saw off Craigslist for $25. I’m pretty happy with the condition of the saw. Apparently it was put away sharp as the teeth are still relatively sharp after being a wall hanger for years and years. The sides of the blade are mildly pitted and one handle is deteriorated but not beyond usefulness. It will be a fairly easy job to sharpen and set the teeth.

It should be noted that it is a two man saw requiring two people to operate. The length of the saw makes them unstable used by one person. The opposite end away from the operator swings around and won’t allow a nice cerf to form. If you plan to saw by yourself use a shorter saw designed for a single user. A saw buck to hold the logs will be a very important piece to have as well. The tool next to the saw is a saw set designed the bend the teeth a uniform distance off center, determining the width of the cerf.

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