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GS, YES and YES! If the GOP whats to do things as dictators then we the people need to make sure they get all of it! The way I see it by being dictators it is the same thing as communism. I am a Cuban American which Cuba for over 55 years has been a Communist country right! No wrong! There is NO real communism! It is called DICTATORSHIP! So dictatorship from the left or right is the same! Still dictatorship of the people.

So what you are telling me is that well it is better to have a little right wing dictatorship then have a left dictatorship! NO all dictatorship is bad for the people. When the vote of the people doesn’t count or the elites are all day thinking of how to take down the peoples will of there vote to put in power what the GOP house wants that is a dictatorship period! No better then the other side.

Example, in the future the Democrats are in the same boat as the elite GOP are today well then they will say that remember when they did it to us. Lets do the same move to the GOP! So now dictatorship will never end. The two side will keep using the same system and the peoples vote will never count again.

The elite GOP first started with there bull about Trump can’t win against Hillary, well Trump is now 45 to 42 Hillary on two national polls and Trump is just starting.

Do you really think that a third party will get more then 10 to 15% and what about if and this is a big IF that Hillary gets 51% because the third party hit Trump in the debates so hard that Hillary just sits back and let them do the job for her.

So these right wing dictator GOP group may be the reason that we will have a Hillary president and the house will never have a chance to do there dictatorship move. So to me the move and gamble on the third party is a reason to end the GOP as a party when they gamble with the future of the country.

So YES if they do a third party I and all of my GOP friend that I have talked to are saying YES vote all of them out because they are the real problem. Dictators thinking all day on how to get there way over the peoples vote.