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MB, after the massive fight in California, I’m amazed that Vermont somehow got away with that. I wonder why Monsanto and others didn’t pour enough of their $billions into VT as well, pay off a few legislators or the governor, or just plain bully their way to victory over the voice of the people. Regardless, congratulations! That’s a foot in the door. I hope that gets publicity and rekindles the movement that I sensed had largely died after the California fight.
Before sending this, I went and did just a few minutes of research, and should have known – the movement has NOT died. The bought-and-paid-for media have not been covering the fight, so who’d know? In just minutes, thanks to your post, I learned about the “DARK Act” (Deny Americans the Right to Know) that was narrowly defeated in Congress, the QR code end run attempt around Vermont’s new law, and other fights that have barely been defeated. As it turns out, you guys have really been beat up in this fight! But why am I surprised? (Actually, I’m not, really. It’s all par for the course. If they can’t buy enough politicians, they’ll keep Americans in the dark by simply not publicizing ANY of the controversy so that the bandwagons remain largely empty.)

Thank you lil’ ol’ Vermont!