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With all due respect, I’d like to make sure I’ve I’ve got this straight. In order to send a message to the Republican insiders/establishment if they run a 3rd party candidate, which you think would put Hillary in the White House, you’d then help her get a majority in both houses of Congress by not voting for her opposition, which would not just give her 4-8 years of free reign. But far more importantly, it would give her the ability to appoint a minimum of two, and possibly four or more anti-2nd Amendment Supreme Court justices, justices that don’t know the difference between a person’s “gender identity” and the person’s physical plumbing, justices that would overturn all manner of legal precedent that has stood for decades if not centuries, justices that look to international law and other nations’ constitution for their guidance, etc., etc., etc. Tell me how that makes any sense at all – other than to give you the satisfaction of sending a protest message by not voting. I don’t get it. Am I not understanding you correctly or something?