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the GOP doesn’t want Trump and are still trying to set up a third party just to take down Trump and let Hillary win so the elites and the establishment can stay in control over the people.

Freedom, it’s POSSIBLE that Hillary would then win, but if they do it as planned, they would likely prevent either Trump or Clinton from getting a majority of the electoral votes, thus sending the choice between the top THREE candidates into the House of Representatives. This isn’t like Ross Perot’s attempt. Bernie has created major dissatisfaction within the Democratic ranks, so many of them would NOT vote for Hillary. And without more than 50% of the Electoral College votes (that’s the key), she can’t win even if she does have more popular votes than Trump or the 3rd party candidate. If the 3rd party advocates carefully target especially the states where Hillary and Trump both lost their primaries, ALL they have to do is win a handful of states sufficient to deny anyone from getting more than 50% in the Electoral college. Then the House picks the carefully SELECTED 3rd party candidate – or so goes the plan. Is it possible? Quite.