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When It Starts to Fall Apart you end up with candidates like Hillary and Trump. Just another sign of the times.

Actually you end up with black candidates like Obama. When the Islamberg muslim enclave near Hancock ny was threatened with a protest ride by the bikers the libertarian churches came to the rescue. The naacp bused in hundreds of black activists from NYC and as far away as Michigan. It was all over the local demo rag newspaper. Only five bikers rode and ten cars followed them. Since my county is 95+% white it’s ok. The schools here are now on the White Party list of places to organize. When you talk third party in America I think the basis will be white Caucasian. Around us we have cites that are heavy black on black heavy crime areas. This area rejected gun registration when the state government tried to force it down our throats. When things fall apart we know who comes here to take advantage of it. It wasn’t the bikers.

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