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33 states have Republican controlled Houses.

Is that the number of STATE houses controlled by the Republicans, or the number of individual states’ U.S. congressional delegations in the House of Representatives that are majority Republican? The makeup of the individual delegations in the House of Representatives (i.e. the majority party from each state) is what determines the voting if the Electoral College can’t come up with a “winner.” Each state in the House of Representatives gets a single vote – it doesn’t matter whether it’s Wyoming with one representative, or California with 53. So for the most part, it would be the party with the majority of congressmen in each state that controls that state’s vote for President. Talk about a recipe for the final nail in the coffin of “of, by, and for the People….”

I’m not certain the instigators of a third party care whether or not more than one party exists in the future. It’s clear we are ruled by an oligarchy.

Bingo! That’s the point, and why I believe we’ve passed the point of still having a constitutional republic. I prefer Doug Casey’s term for “them” – the “Dark State.” We have a few ideas about a few of the people in charge, but no detail, and we only only know what happens to us after it happens (and then, only if we’re really watching closely in the beginning).