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Freedom, you’re right ONLY in the sense that they’d never come close to a 50% + 1 majority of the popular vote. But re-think the scenario. All they need to do is win a few electoral votes, siphon off enough votes from both Trump and Clinton to prevent anyone from getting over 50%, and then by the Constitution the election goes to the House of Representatives if the Electoral College can’t reach a majority decision. Who controls the House currently? It’s not necessarily who you think it is, because each state gets ONE vote in such a House-determined election.

I haven’t done the research to see how many states have majority-Republican House delegations, but unless it’s the Republicans controlling more than 25 of the states, then it gets even more dicey. IF the Republicans have more representatives in 26 of the 50 states, then it will potentially be the Republicans (mostly establishment politicians) that will select the next President if no one gets more than 50% of the Electoral College votes. It does not matter who gets more votes in the general election! Again – a 3rd party candidate only has to win a small number of states, potentially, for the Electoral College to become potentially unable to select the next President. Then the current makeup of the House of Representatives gets to make the selection from among the top THREE candidates. Think about it…. Will it happen that way? I have no idea. But yes, it is plausible, because of the idiocy going on right now in both parties, topped off by how the Constitution determines the final selection of the President of the United States. (Not a nice thought, is it?)