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Well, if Hillary becomes President, she’s announced that she intends to put Willie in charge of the entire economy, as the economy czar! Won’t that be fun?

In other news, Mitt Romney is trying to make sure that NEITHER Billary nor The Donald becomes President, by generating a 3rd party candidate. Of course “everyone” (meaning the talking heads on TV) is saying it’s stupid, and Reince Priebus says it would be “suicide mission for our country because … you’re throwing down not just eight years of the White House but potentially 100 years on the Supreme Court and wrecking this country for many generations.”

When Cruz suddenly suspended his candidacy and the power elite even declared The Donald to be the “presumptive nominee,” it just seemed much too sudden and much too easy. It just doesn’t feel right at all. I wondered at the time if they were counting on a lot of Trump voters to stay home in the remaining states (California, especially), since all the other candidates had only “suspended” their candidacy, and therefore any votes for them would still “count” – thus hopefully denying Trump a clear majority at the Convention.

Now I’m wondering if they’re taking a different approach. Suppose they pick just a handful of states to concentrate on for a 3rd party candidate, gain enough electoral votes to deny a majority to any candidate, thus throwing the election into the House. The vote in the House will be as constituted today, not after any changes to that body that go into effect in January. And the Republican-controlled House could then do all kinds of deals (and threats) to crown yet another candidate selected by the power elite. The 3rd party movement would only need to win a handful of states, counting on enough Democrat voters to reject Hillary and vote for Trump, while enough Republican voters would bolt the Party and vote for the 3rd party candidate (who would most likely come from the ranks of the Republican establishment candidates of course, despite whatever 3rd party they “hijack” as Reince Priebus termed the attempt). Remember – after all the vehement rhetoric against Trump, and the $millions of dollars spent on the Dump Trump movement, including powerful people like the Koch brothers, it just seems unlikely they are going to go away quietly and easily, or that they put up all that money without a very carefully contrived plan. I had the thought, listening to Priebus on TV, “Methinks he protesteth too much” against the Romney move. It may all be political theater at its “finest,” and my signature line kicks in yet again.

Final thought: if my conspiracy theory happens to have any basis in reality, the Democrats could easily pull back their voters that might otherwise vote for Trump because they’ve become fed up with Hillary. How? Simply by reminding them that if the vote goes to the House, the Republican-controlled House would select the 3rd party establishment candidate. And there would be so many disaffected Republicans that would simply stay home, that next January we would see the coronation of Queen Clinton – Russian reset, Libya, and Benghazi, all on steroids for round two.