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Namelus, at the risk of resurrecting and rehashing that now taboo subject of US politics, I would say that unless Canadians and Americans can regain some measure of control over their governments, we will soon go the way of Eurabia. Obviously, most Europeans have almost zero say in what their governments decide to shove down their throats, and their governments are absolutely beholden to the EU, which is in turn, sworn to execute the will of its IMF/BIS bankster owners. Does either Canada or the USA have enough thinking citizens to elect a government not equally beholden to the issuers of synthetic credit? I’m not holding my breath.

In the past, the banksters backed monarchies, communism/socialism, fascism/Nazism, as their prospective sword-wielders, leaving themselves to wield the purse. But monarchies were so unpopular in an age of relative freedom in the West, that they failed. Communism can’t generate enough wealth to sustain itself without assistance from nations it is expected to conquer, and fascism eventually tries to wield it’s own purse, so islam appears to be the next candidate for sword-wielding, a task at which they have considerable practice.

Life in the West has been so good that the citizens have ignored their duties of keeping their governments under their own control, leaving them to seek more profitable duties than the ones they swore to perform. Regaining control of the herd is always more difficult than preventing their escape. Can we do it? Yes, with great effort, and the realization that this is no time for business as usual. Will we? I have my doubts.

Cry, "Treason!"

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