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GS…. i think a lot of people know about the Dark State in America and are trying to get out of its way before the collapse. If history is any indication the purge will begins among the insiders and elite while the mushrooms just get cleansed when they get in the line of fire. Unless its nuclear rain of course. In the brave new world of genetic diversity nuclear war or accidents are not even considered crimes these days. Money pallets for nothing, nukes for free. The sarin gas didn’t get to Syria by way of Benghazi by accident. Mrs. Clinton & Mr. Obama have a lot more explaining to do than just emails. And I just want to mention the really big story yesterday that was totally ignored by the Facebook News. Hilary’s tech staffer at the state dept. who helped set up her server has zero emails. I think his immunity is going to be revoked. This is straight up conspiracy. Mrs. Clinton should be arrested immediately. There is a black hole around her. So obvious so big and growing like a weed in the garden.