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Not enough listened to Russo while he was alive, and almost no one cares anymore, having been conditioned into a state of numbness that they don’t comprehend (a rough equivalent to the old boiling frog analogy). As for your 2nd paragraph, there is SO much more there than almost anyone knows. But I keep that discussion to myself, or only a tiny number with whom I discuss it face to face. I did not understand until just under two years ago – and it was stunning when I literally discovered it. My brain did all kinds of loops and whifferdills (a non-existent complex aerobatic maneuver from back in “the day”) trying to play denial games with it at first. But I can tell you that it’s a conscious choice to become a true member of the Dark State, not something one just gradually succumbs to out of either weakness or careful brainwashing. Plenty ‘nuf sed here.