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We know, at least by inference and deductive logic, who’s in and near the top of the Dark State, but by definition, we can’t see clearly inside it to really understand it. It’s like black holes.

GS, the concept of a black hole is particularly apt as a metaphor for the Dark State. The denizens of that negatory realm overcome us and pull us in by the sheer mass of their accumulation of our production, used against us. And they must be the most emotionally destitute of all beings still in flesh, to want to do so. Aaron Risso, in America — Freedom to Fascism, shows a video clip of a conversation he had with Nicholas Rockefeller, who invited him to become, at least, a shirttail associate of the high and mighty. He asked Rockefeller why they spend so much of their time and effort suppressing and ruining ordinary folk. Rockefeller never answered him directly, but asked in turn, ” Why do you care? What are they to you?” Of such casual, yet purposeful, nastiness is the Dark State made, and of such foresight and planning, that by the time we tumble to their intentions, they’ve already put their plans in motion.

Whether one believes in an actual, literal devil, or not, they behave in a way, and from a motivation indistinguishable from, possession by demons. As near as I can tell, they are driven mad by their accumulations, so that, to paraphrase an expression I once heard, controlling most of the world would not be enough, controlling the entire world would not be enough, and if it could somehow be achieved, enough would not be enough. I do not like to dwell on them, but as Tolkien observed, it does not pay to ignore a dragon, especially if he lives in your neighborhood.

Cry, "Treason!"

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