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Yeah, when I saw that I about died laughing – except when I thought about a plane load of passengers having to wait 2 hours because of the idiocy. And the airline’s explanation that they merely followed established procedures, resulting in the 2-hour delay? Ludicrous! (“Well, gee. He had a beard, his skin tone was a little darker than mine, and mathematical equations DO look an awful lot like Arabic – don’t they???? I was [severe whine/ON] SCARED!“)

I think LT is right – Pol Pot did it overnight. We did it over multiple generations, until there isn’t even an educated population capable of reason that is sizeable enough to re-educate the severely dumbed down masses. Plus, they’d be hung if they tried! It’d be like someone challenging the flat earth reality, or the fact that the sun orbits the earth, just like the moon. “Dangerous heresy, I say!!! Off with his head!”

The further idiocy was allowing that woman to get off and then board another plane later, so she wouldn’t have to be afraid. Use your ticket, or lose your money, woman! And fire the imbeciles that took two hours to figure out what was going on.