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It’s a massive virtual reality game, and almost nobody perceives that they’ve got VR equipment over their eyes and in their ears – they think it’s all “real.”

Reminds me of a poster I saw back when virtual reality was a new concept: two similar side-by-side photos of the same dowdy old woman, one, sitting, sour-faced under the typical beauty shop hair dryer, the other, in a VR helmet, with an expression of joy and wonder on her face, with the legend,”Virtual Reality, Because Reality Sucks!

So whenever the fedgov needs $$ to cover the fact that they’re beyond broke, they mortgage the future of the unborn still further, borrowing bazillions of unreal $$ from a private bank they sanctioned, which has nothing real to lend to begin with, for which they will keep us just barely able to function, if at all. If that isn’t “virtual reality,” it’s the next worse thing. Beam me up!

Cry, "Treason!"