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Depends on what you consider tea like, if it is the caffeine, part you will have a hard time but for flavorful drinks to serve hot well any type of fruit, a lot of flowers and wild plants, some roots of trees http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/herbs/hgen/herbal-tea-plants.htm



in a zone 2 you can grow tea plants…. i have a few they do ok the pain is drying and cutting the leaves… right now other than trying to make tea i buy from


they have mylar bags of the stuff for cheaper than tea bag for whole leaf teas. I have stored and drank stuff years old still ok just looses a bit of flavor. My favorites are the bergamont (earl grey style) and the mango honey bush.

The brick and medallion tea i have tried are ok without a way to stop air getting to it it losses flavor.