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I have no idea, Namelus – you very well could be right. I’m just going by the “official” figures from the Fed. And everyone knows they are accurate and don’t lie. ;-)

Still, even with all the rest that might be “out there,” it isn’t available to the banking system to resupply the banks so they can keep depositors happy and avoid unimaginable bank runs. I saw that happening in the 80s during the S&L crisis. People were coming in (particularly the older folks that lived through the depression) withdrawing huge sums of money (but stupidly then going across the lobby and putting it in their safe deposit boxes). Brinks trucks were arriving multiple times during the worst days, for the sole purpose of resupplying the S&L with cash to keep the natives from becoming too restless. It worked, and most people had no idea just how bad the crisis really was.