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And between the finger pointing between media -> military, lying by the media to support their candidates, and the cover ups by “journalists” that only push their own agenda we have been led down a path of destruction. This goes back quite a ways. The newest one that I have been pissed off about since I was active duty is the WMD in Iraq. Now the NYT even admits that there were all sorts of chemical weapons found, but they still don’t admit that the 55 gallon drums of nerve agent qualify as a WMD….. Go figure.


My fun meter with the media and government cover ups is really pegged at this point. No conspiracy theorist ideals being spewed here, but I no longer believe anything that CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc initially report or run as one of their “round table” discussions. It is 100% propaganda. Programming on these stations is just that – programming. They are programming our weak minded society to believe anything that they want.

Now enter the LEO vs the world debate: In my mind it comes down to this =>
* 99% of all law enforcement agencies are actually revenue generating and designed to generate as much revenue as possible.
* Those LEO that are stuck in a revenue generating billet are almost always jackasses because their entire life revolves around stealing money from the pockets of others. When they get a chance to NOT be stealing (writing tickets, etc) then they don’t have the training or mind set to actually be a Peace Officer rather than a Law Enforcement Officer. This isn’t their fault, but the fault of those that have stuck them in this situation.
* “My baby didn’t do nut-tun” is a total BS exaggeration of the truth. If you dress like a gangster, are a known law breaker, get violent with a cop or make a nuisance of yourself just to “stick it to the man” then expect to get your arse handed to you.
* When these people ran INTO the towers to help and lost their lives, they did something remarkable. They bought into the whole drama of being a selfless civil servant that risks their life for others. Instead of following the first rule I was taught in both paramedic and fire fighting rookie school (Don’t become a victim – you can’t help anyone else if you are get hurt), they became a number on a memorial. Personally, if it was family or one of my Marines that was in there then I would have risked my life. For some ******** that will probably sue me for “save rape,” hell no…… Why did these EMS and LEO personnel do it if it actually went against their training? I always question that…..
* Many LEO are actually Peace Officers that are stuck in a society in turmoil. Are they hard to find? Yes. Are there exceptions? Yes, such as these questions: Do the LAPD from the 1980’s deserve to get their rear ends whooped with barb wire quirks? Probably 99% of them do. How about NYPD? Probably the same. Do the OR state patrol, sheriff dept folks and government agents that murdered Lavoy Finicum need to be publicly executed? Possibly to send a message to the government. Do the thousands of other LEO that punch a clock and don’t realize that they are doing more harm than good need to be beat on the head to wake up? Possibly that as well. Is it a tough job that very few want because of the way it changes you? Yes. Should we at least not make their job harder so we don’t get tasered and maced? Hell yeah. It all comes down to NOT being an arsehole and get a good lawyer – You can have all the justice you can afford……

Regarding your images-
The loss of so many idealist people that thought that they were making a difference is truly what bothers me most. These people left their families without and alone. I am not sure what is the bigger tragedy, honestly. Is the bigger tragedy the loss of life, the fact that these people gave their own life to save a stranger, the fact that these people gave up their lives to become martyrs for a government that doesn’t care, or is it that these people left their family with an emotional scar that will never heal and only festers more over time? It is a tragedy all around that is made worse by the fact that our government gained huge strides in turning us back into subjects rather than citizens by dancing on the graves of these poor souls.

(pushed the soap box back under my desk)


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