Great system, worth the money? Yes and no.

I charge $200 for a tune and polish when I’m building a rifle, which includes getting rid of much of that “cheese grater” sound and feel. Both in the rear of the system, but including the bolt, carrier and the charging handle.

Part of the issue that the captured system corrects is the roughness on the buffer spring and the interior of the receiver extension. Giving a high polish to these parts, then re-anodizing the extension, and charging handle. (The anodizing costs more)

Starting or going with a nickle boron carrier, preferably with a high polish can help with part of this also.

After all that, the system does what it advertises, the guide rod keeps the spring from rubbing, the buffers keep slap from happening, etc.

Is it worth the money?
Depends mostly on how much the noise and feel bother you.
For now, I’m going to stick with the standard, proven system, without heavy buffers, or magic fairy dust.
Partly because my guns don’t have that “crunch” because of what I do as I build them, or while tuning afterwards.

However I may look into one of the new models later for testing, we shall see. The Gen 1’s were good, just heavier.

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