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Oh I don’t know about that W. The two navy seals did their duty in Benghazi. They’re not forgotten except by our government.

Maybe we need a crusader museum cultural center in Jerusalem to remember 1099. How many died on the walk who knows but 40,000 made it. Definitely a part of western history.

You would think we would have learned how to take real estate and keep it in the last 1000 years.

Yes I’m mocking NYC for letting Muslims build a museum and mosque 2 blocks away from ground zero. Odd btw how a very old Serb church in Manhattan just burned to the ground. Recently restored too.

Oh and 1066, the year of William the conqueror. It took them a bit longer 33 years but they finally got their act together.

Only 15 years for us. America first Right down their smokestacks (an expression Buchanan used in a newspaper article today). Sounds good. JSM would have approved. When the U.S. does a reset. Look out world.

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