No one is going to be held responsible.
The blame may be laid at various doorsteps, but those responsible, those who allowed every POS, dirtbag to remain in this country will bear absolutely zero responsibility.
Why should they, they were following human nature.

Control the border, doesn’t matter.
Thank you sanctuary cities.
Thank you States that supply every need to criminals but not citizens.

There was a time people celebrated the death of a bad guy.
Now, vilification in the media 24/7, your life ruined, regardless.
Because no one else will take responsibility, not the parents, not the media, not the scumbag lawyers, nobody.

Why? Because no one really cares.
Sure, all the feel good laws, actions, causes, and associated BS.
But that doesn’t actually mean anything.

Recently a co-worker was awaken by loud shouting in front of his house.
His response? To yell at them to be quiet.
Instead of calling the cops about a domestic fight in progress. (It was)
Instead of doing something with a known woman beater. (He knows this)
Instead of doing anything useful, he just yelled.
Such concern, such bravado.
And he felt good about what he did.

“Don’t cross that border”
“Don’t beat your wife and kids”
“Don’t steal that”.
All words but nothing behind them except feel good BS.

Unless you are ready and willing to deal with ‘stand and deliver’, its all just words with nothing behind them but ” feel good”.