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Rick Grimes still wore the badge and hat even after hell was full and the dead walked the earth. But WD is a fantasy experiment in mass killing. More to the point. 16000 criminal illegals released by the u.s. government. An unknown number of murders among them. All because their home countries would not take them back. Are they serious? What exactly do I expect from the cops in this situation? Well duh these people have no rights in the US. They’re going home in a casket if their families even want them back. One little middle finger or one ugly cop epithet….bang. End of story. Shoot to kill order. Screw humanity. The shtf. One loophole deserves another. The girl in S.F. didn’t have to die. Someone is going to be responsible. If the southern border of the u.s. Isn’t controlled we have no government. The fan hit the ****. It’s a government in name only. The surge is coming.