Morels, they’re like crack for some of us.
I have three baggies in my freezer from last year, my stash.

Had an interesting text conversation with a friend last night about these.
He’s never had them, and just moved to a place with them in abundance.
It’s a good thing he lives 8 hours away. I’m already getting the shakes.

Yes there is a false Morel, but unless you’re blind you can easily tell the difference.
And Morels are the easiest shroom to identify, with the “puffball” being a close second.

People have died over Morels.
People keep their “hunting grounds” as secret as their favorite fishing hole.

I thought the addiction was over, until last year when a friend took me out after them. I didn’t know we had them here (so dry).
I will be going out after them in just a few days, must have more!

Simple is best, floured, lightly salt and peppered, then fried in butter.