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Wow. Powerful article. Part of the reality of a SHTF scenario such as Selco experienced is that it is ongoing rather than being a singular event where the recovery begins as soon as whatever it was occurred. Part is that nobody is coming to the rescue to restore order such as occurs with singular events. The ethnic/racial/religious diversity that so many celebrate as the ideal today will come to haunt them in a breakdown of order such as Selco experienced. That diversity makes it is all the easier to see those not exactly like you as “other”.

So who hasn’t been watching Germany and France. Getting back to the source of the violence. The USA is going to get worse, much worse. Everyone knows it except those pollyannas who live in liberal denial obamaville. Essentially its ….. Islam out or America dead. Our crony politicians have done a Merkel and adopted left wing communist policies that will bring more murders bombings kidnappings and gangs to the US. Back in ww2 when the US firebombed Tokyo and nuked Hiroshima I don’t think we possessed human feelings for them. And now suddenly we have to have compassion For everyone except ourselves. This makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. This isn’t genocide it’s the survival of freedom. When Trump is elected its going to become a 2 front war, libs and Islamics fighting on the same side …. inside the US.

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