“when you are faced with a man who wants to kill you, you are going to have to probably kill him in order to survive.

I hope that, in this moment, you will not care for philosophy, humanity or ethics, and that you just going do what you have to do, and survive.” Selco

These two paragraphs sum it up for me. Recognize that you have arrived at the moment where there can be no more deliberation. I hope it never comes to that time.

Very true , sadly , it depends on the persons nature , there are a lot of people that lack a strong survival instinct , and they are preyed upon , but at the same time , depending on the situation , its a judgement call , your nature and humanity will have to make the call . Depending on the situation , a good cop will give the other person every opportunity to stand down , the bad cop will just unload on them , without giving a crap . Both are trained , but its their nature that makes the call , Every situation will be different , and not all will be as clear cut as a him or you , like you mentioned , people can be deceptive . Thats why I like animals more than people lol …….what you see is what you get , no hidden agenda lol .