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I don’t know Tolik. I’m not an absolute total sociopath but I’m pretty paranoid. When it comes down to it I’ve often been accused of not having sympathy. More training might give me faster reflexes. It would be beneficial in that regard. I think it’s human issues that make people hesitate. People though can be so damn deceptive. My motto in that regard is … Never trust a psychopath. He will use those human feelings against you. Practical advise possibly. Don’t buy a gun with a safety and keep the chamber loaded.
I read a book on how to be a bodyguard sometime back. This discussion sort of brings it back to mind. The title escapes me at the moment but a mental refresher would be nice. Or maybe the book was about staying alive in a job that can make you real dead very quickly if your intelligence and physical skills are deficient.

* Just 2 Seconds by Gavin de Becker

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