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In this almost 100% white extremely low crime polite and respectful live and let live local culture, I seriously doubt most people comprehend how this is going to impact them. The forces that support it are already at work trying to pose this as a good thing. In yesterday’s paper the lead story is about a long ago Bosnian refugee to VT who now heads up the refugee program in this State. She’s white, does not wear the burka garb, came here already speaking English and from an educated middle class family. She is not representative of the Syrians at all but the subtle message is “look at how well Muslim refugees assimilate”. Bosnians are not representative of the Syrian Arab culture. I wouldn’t as alarmed if it were a group of middle class Bosnians coming to town.

Fortunately, neither my town nor any of the other small towns in this county have any kind of public housing. There are few apartments, no public transportation, no social services etc and so it will not be easy for the Syrians to spread beyond Rutland unless they achieve a degree of economic success and independence. I hope next winter is brutally cold & snowy, comes early, and stays late. Maybe it’ll encourage them to head to warmer places when their initial Federal benefits run out. Mean spirited of me to wish the problem on someone else but I’m not the one who invited them here. You can bet the refugees won’t be living in the Mayor’s neighborhood.

Coming back to the thread (sorry for the drift guys….I am just very upset over what is happening), this area disaster has been set in motion and I sure hope we don’t get to the violence part. These people will not have been vetted in any way that matters.