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Namelus, where did you get them? I can’t wear the usual chain store/brand name socks due to some weird circulation problems that act like diabetic neuropathy, but I don’t have diabetes. My wife has knitted me two (with a 3rd currently in production) pair of high quality wool socks that don’t bind (i.e. no elastic – just the wool), and I LOVE them. Are yours elasticized? If not I’d definitely be interested in your mohair socks if they’re available on line. I learned, much to my surprise, that high quality knitted wool socks wick moisture away from the skin very nicely, and aren’t particularly hot in the summer. With temps starting to get into the 80s now, I’ve had a chance to very skeptically test that story out, and was pleasantly surprised.

(I’m getting very spoiled – custom made, fitted socks that stay up without any elastic! Eventually, I hope to have nothing but the knitted wool socks – they just take a while for my wife to make, unfortunately.)