Hi All

Yes, I think it is time to actually start moving certain items out. We will be driving out and not flying out, routes planned already. SMS system/radios in place to move out in convoys with scouts. Communication systems in place. The only thing not done is selling the house. There are so many people leaving the country that property sells slowly and at very reduced prices.

I cannot get my husband to just up and go. He refuses. I got him as far as making plans on how to move out and when to move out. We live on the outskirts of the city so routes are carefully planned to avoid areas of concern. We will lose a lot because I cannot convince him, however, at that stage I am sure that being alive most probably would be all that counts. I got him so far as to apply for a gun license and he has been refused. We now have a lawyer on the case. What the government is doing is they are dragging their feet on giving a license, so somebody took them to court and they are now being forced to deny or approve within 3 months. So hopefully we would get it in time. I have a gun and license.

I truly get what you are saying about us having a long way to go with education but I have to try to do this within the family unit. We had visas for Australia and at the last minute my husband pulled out. The Australians also saw us coming as we would have had to buy a business. They try to make money out of basically establishing a registered company with nothing else in it at a cost of USD 350 000.00. You can either lose the money here or lose it there. However, he would have to make a certain turnover in order to stay and would not be allowed to work for anyone but give work to Australians. The visa has since expired. I was hoping to get my daughter educated with a degree and my son with at least his ICGSE certificate before all of this comes tumbling down, I think we are not going to manage that.