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The joke I heard when in NZ recently was if you want to know how many kiwis are in a room just yell student debt and count how many people run for the exit.

Don’t know if that applies to SA. I was quite happy recently when my daughter paid off her student loan the first year out of college. She lives at home doesn’t have a car or expenses essentially. She managed to keep her college costs down with scholarships. I wasn’t going to let her take out a mortgage on her future. She’s saving for a car now. I told her a new car was the way to go. In this economy going into major debt at a very young age is slavery. I’ve heard of kids 10 years down the road just starting to pay off the principle on the debt. It’s crazy. One more gov.debt bubble to burst. With the cost of inflation I can’t add up how much my wife and I have put into her education over the last 23? years. In a country USA going to the dogs (20-100+ trillion $ in debt) where jobs are getting ever harder to come by. It’s pretty incredible. Everywhere seems to be the same. Produce a product at a higher cost and sell it to millions of hopeful parents for indefinite future returns. Lol – we’ve certainly gotten an education.