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Oh my word, GeorgiaSaint, you make so much sense!!!! Thanks for the advice Whirlibird.

One question GeorgiaSaint, if this is where the world is going in order to bring in a one world government then no one is really going to be safe anywhere. You’ll most probably see upheaval everywhere in the world. I followed an American guy (Bob Chapman) on financial matters by listening to him being interviewed, he has since passed away. He used to live in Rhodesia and I contacted him once via email once and this is what he said:

“The rand is not a viable alternative because the only
reason it is going up is because the dollar is going down and that makes
prospects of a strong economy less likely unless the currencies of those who
South Africa trades with rise equally with the rand. And, of course, you
have a Communist government. Incidentally I lived in S. Africa and Rhodesia
in the early 1970s. I think there will not be a Bancor or an SDR used
internationally. I think local currencies will revalue and devalue and
there will be defaults all multilaterally. You should have
left S. Africa 20 years ago before your country got sold out by its leaders
just as Smith sold out Rhodesia. I would move out of S. Africa ASAP because
the ANC is going to nationalize the mines and probably lots more. There is
no longer safety in S. Africa for White people or even Black people for that
matter.” he also said: “In a worldwide
crisis they would be hit hard due to high costs and a Marxist government.
Do not have to tell you about Africans. The ANC is dreadful. On a scale of
10 – 10 being the worst, the US and England are 10s, S. Africa 7 and Canada
and Australia 4 or 5. As you know over the past 20 years many white people
have left S. Africa and Zimbabwe. If the US falls everyone will fall in
varying degrees, and they’ll be massive crime and revolution and most
countries – S. Africa will be a mess. Yes, stocks will crash but gold and
silver shares will rise. Yes, anything with stocks will go down if the
market goes down.
A new currency, say an SDR or bancor, which would be fiat. There could be a devaluation against other
currencies and that would worsen the situation in all currencies that presently exist.
All of Africa has no future. No, most blacks do not even pay water and
electric bills and crime is unbelievable versus other countries. There is no
hope for S. Africa. You should get out while you still can.”

The funny thing is I cannot convince my husband to leave. He keeps on saying I have a company that I have to maintain in order to send these kids of ours to private school. He maintains that he cannot start over at the age 58 with a 16 year old still in the house and another at university. So while he is still making money his argument is give the kids an education at least no one can take that away from them.

Our argument is this that at least here we can educate the kids at an international standard as long as our company is making money. It would be of the utmost importance to get out of the cities in time and be prepared to lose everything once SHTF by having some money and assets out of the country. Get to a safer place and organised into a group of similar thinking people.