Well as far as the non US members go , we have to remember that they have similar web sites in their own country , in their own language , talking about their politics . It’s good to hear from them , as it gives us a different perspective , but its not all that surprising .
As far as US members dropping off as well , that is natural ebb and flow of the internet . I have to admit the forum is getting a bit boring . I have to agree that politics in the past year or more , seem to dominate the discussions here . Granted , survivalism and politics go hand in hand , because politics effect the other directly , no avoiding it , but it does seem that we have lost our way a little bit . Most of the time , there are only about 5-7 members keeping the forum going , I think it would become more interesting to people browsing if we could start making a conscious effort to get back to survivalism , like gear , ideas , advise , etc . I dont think Selco’s blog is having any problems , as its draw is his real world experiences , the forum on the other hand is getting a bit stale , and kind of seems like it belongs on another web site rather than this one , because the content is so different now . Shifting back , will take effort on everybody’s part . Somebody buts up a gear idea , or post , you hear crickets , somebody puts up a political post , people are all over it like a wet diaper , I get your point completely . Its getting boring .