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Perhaps for the experts here this wasn’t helpful, but from one quite far from that end of the spectrum I found it quite interesting and potentially helpful. I suspect there is much that could improve my own accuracy in that article, and more than a single quick read will be paid to it on my part.

Over the course of more than 30 years of practice in my primary profession, I learned a lot that wasn’t necessarily developed through the use of extensive controlled studies. While essential and appreciated, carefully developed scientific studies resulting in statistically derived levels of confidence in the study conclusions, aren’t all there is. Sometimes observation and experience can be as important to the scientific method and statistical analysis. I guess that’s why I appreciated the article – it looked at real-world experience over time, along with the reasons for changes that were made, and the results. That appeals to me in a different way then the scientific method and statistics also appeal to me. I appreciate them both. Thanks, 74.