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The entire idea IS to fully destroy both the social order and the political order. Watch what’s happening – that’s exactly what’s going on, when you really observe and analyze it. What’s far less comprehensible is the fact that rational, intelligent, thinking human beings could intentionally do that. But recognition that they are, is essential to making sense of it, and planning one’s escape from it. In very brief, if you’re interested:

Get a copy of Marx’ and Engels’ Communist Manifesto and completely disregard the first three long chapters. Don’t even bother reading them unless for some intellectual reason you just happen to want to. They aren’t really relevant to what’s actually contained in the last (4th) chapter (they call them “sections”). Unlike the previous three chapters, it’s a deceptively short 3/4 of one page long. It can easily be passed over as unimportant because of its brevity. I wonder sometimes if that was all intended, too, but that’s an entirely different discussion. Just read that final page, and then go back and read it again, and again, and again – there’s a huge amount of information there. Realize what’s really being said. When you understand the intended end result, and understand that some ultimate power MUST come in behind the chaos to sustain what the “revolution” is supposed to bring about, you’ll then realize that it is every bit about total power and control – not the much nicer sounding economic theories discussed in the irrelevant first three chapters (so called socialism or communism). The ultimate goal is to destroy the social and political order, not “change” it, “modify” it, or “tweak” it – but to “destroy” (their word) it, by any means necessary. Crazy? To you and me, yes. To them, not at all.

Who dies and who lives is irrelevant (other than their own power-elite, who certainly are protected). Who suffers? They don’t care. The more chaos the better – remember, it’s all about the destruction of the social order (and the political order that helped keep that in place).

That, Dorette, is what’s happening. It’s not about “free education.” It’s not about “equality.” It’s not even really about retaliation for the abuses of the previous system. It’s about toppling the very existence of what you know as “South Africa” by destroying (not hurting, not crippling, but destroying – Marx’ word) both your social and political order. Look around and ask yourself if that isn’t exactly what is being done. Totally disregard the part of you that says, “But who in their right mind would want to DESTROY society and the way we govern things?” You aren’t dealing with people whose version of “rational” has any relationship to ours. To us, it’s insane. That’s what helps them keep us guessing, because we don’t want to consider that there are actually people whose goal it is to fully implement the last (3/4 page) chapter of Communist Manifesto. Here in the U.S. we’re on the same path that you’re on, as is Europe. We just haven’t traveled as far down the road – yet.

I could not agree with Whirlibird’s recommendations any more strongly than he put it.