No, I think we are going down and faster than we think. We will be having Municipal elections in August and some high level people seems to think that if the ANC should lose a large city like Johannesburg that we might have a war on our hands. There are Zuma loyalists mainly Zulu people in Kwazulu Natal (province) and then there are those that are anti-Zuma. Then you have the very radical EFF under Julius Malema who will cause a full scale race war.

Inflation is on the rise with our weak Rand and the fact that we have to import maize and wheat because of a severe drought. Food prices have gone up quite heavily.

So we plan to get out of Johannesburg as fast as possible when the nonsense start. We have friends in Namibia (Windhoek) where we can stay and he said he would “employ” my husband in order to let him legally be able to stay in Namibia.

These people are set on destabilising South Africa.