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dorette, you have spoken before of what is happening with universities in SA. Surely the political leaders can see what is happening and know the deterioration will continue, yet they continue on the same path so long as they get a share of the loot.

It was way back in 1990 but when our daughter was 11 and went for her admission interview at a private school, the Head of the Middle School (7th/8th grade) part of the school was from Zimbabwe. You would term him colored. Here in the US he is considered black being we don’t differentiate in that manner. He had a large map of Africa in his office and asked her if she knew where Zimbabwe was. Being I had taught her geography since she was very young she knew exactly where it was. He was very impressed as I doubt many kids her age did know. He had already been in the US for many years and was clearly proud of his home country. I sometimes wonder how sad he must be at what it has become.

Are there any signs that SA might change the course it seems to be on? Surely they can see what is happening.