This is a gut-wrenching, to the point piece of editorial from Zimbabwean entrepreneur Trevor Ncube. He states simply that the country is literally broken. And a once admired leader in Robert Mugabe has thrown away his reputation over the past tumultuous 30 years. Its people, their minds and spirits, and the infrastructure are all broken, rotting infact. He argues that a ‘Third Way’ is needed in Zimbabwean politics to fix it It’s time to reject Zanu PF’s politics of corruption and murder, a rejection of pedestrian politics. Some fascinating weekend reading and a lesson for those in South Africa and the rest of Africa of how absolute power corrupts.The piece was first published in the ZImbabwe Independent. – Stuart Lowman


Julius Malema of the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) have declared this week that President Zuma is not the real enemy but that white South Africans are. He said that they will be coming for us and everything we own soon. He also stated that it is black people’s duty to have as many kids as possible so that they can outnumber us even more. This is the mentality we are dealing with. White people have less children to give them a better chance. He (Malema) maintains that your children will look after you one day. With unemployment so high in South African (48% +-) amongst blacks 18 – 35 I wonder who would be looking after who? In a world that is changing so fast unemployment will just get worse as everything gets automated to get rid of labour as fast as possible.

I took my boy yesterday to a career counselling/assessment psychologist to find out what subjects he should select for his AS-Levels and A-levels in Cambridge curriculum and then what line he should consider for further study. He has an IQ of 148 (1% in the world has an IQ of 145 to 159) and the guy said to me that he could basically do whatever he wants to but that he would recommend he does a Engineering Degree in Electronics ie Mechatronics (Robotics). He said Michael achieved a 9 (the highest range 1 -9) which he has never had anyone achieve in Math and Logical thinking. I know that our universities are going to be the breeding ground of much of what is going to go wrong in the future here in South Africa. I also know that at University of Pretoria where my daughter studies that out of 1500 first year students only 30 managed to pass the calculus in their first year. Hence, the fact that I chose to have my kids to the British Cambridge curriculum. We pay through our necks to have our children in private school to educate them as best as possible. Even two children are breaking us financially but that is what we decided to have and that is what we will do for them. Do I educate this boy in this country where I know that our engineering curriculums are outdated and nobody can finish the degree. (Surely they will have to bring the standard down??? or has already) The children do not have the Math capability at school level to do these degrees. South Africa’s top universities were consistently amongst the top 300 in the world during white rule. We have since moved down in ranking whereby University of Pretoria (Tukkies) is sitting at 587th somewhere.

I feel like climbing on a boat and crossing the Mediterranean just so that this child can get a decent education in Germany. LOL