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we are becoming the new Soviet Union , from not being allowed to vote , to out of control LE and Federal alphabet soups , to government spying , and undermining the US Constitution ( which in itself is unlawful ) .

Tolik, we have already become the USSA; but most don’t realize it, yet. Both “major” US parties are controlled by the same Secret Empire of money and power, directed toward a common aim — total control of the planet. That goal is nearly complete, and the remaining parts (North Korea, Iran, and Syria) not yet fully under the majority control can be (have been) tricked and scared into serving the Empire’s purposes, as needed. I suppose, as in Orwell’s 1984, a dangerous outsider is almost necessary as a focus of attention while the magician readies his next trick.

GS, I see the fate of this nation and the world largely as you see it. Back in 1994, as I was becoming interested and familiar with the internet (The “World Wide Web,” remember?) I also was aware that for campaign cash, Clinton was helping China get various hard-won secrets of US missile technology. I began to search for such legal and constitutional solutions as might already exist. I finally ran across the Original Thirteenth Amendment* to the Constitution, and realized that if it came to be regarded as Law, it could be the tool to root out the rampant treason. *Apologies for the unrepaired state of that site — our webmaster passed on several years ago.

To quote Bob Dylan, “Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”

The ratification of that Amendment is still in dispute, and there is not enough interest in the general public to fight the inevitable opposition in order use it, even were it to be finally proven. Traitors who can tax the lives and fortunes of the productive, with which to buy the loyalty of the non-productive, can stay in power, at least until The Apocalypse. People who are kept busy trying to stay alive and housed have little time to study how they came to be enslaved in the Land of the Free, nor to become The Brave to once again free themselves. They make fearful peace with their masters.

Someone who will serve the interests of the Secret Empire will be elected, and the remaining sovereignty, prosperity, and liberty of this Nation and its Citizens will diminish. Which do you prefer to be at the helm when the ship crashes into the rocks? A known Insider who has the deliberate ruination of your life as an intrinsic part of his/her plan, or a possibly well-meaning outsider whose inability to cope with pre-planned disaster will place full blame for everything that goes wrong on the last scrap of self-government?

Cry, "Treason!"