Training is only one facet of the “solution”.

Looking at New Orleans post-Katrina, we see a number of responses from LE alone in dealing with and reacting to the violence and situation.

And no, we don’t need to discuss confiscation in this thread, this is about mindset.

Those who picked up their families and ran, one can’t blame them.
NO was a pit before the water, after was simply worse.

Those who stayed had to face losing their homes, property, offices, everything they weren’t wearing in many cases, and still face the day. Some bent, some broke.

And these are highly trained men (and women), who live by and enforce the law, suddenly forced to improvise.

The problem? The law didn’t change because of a SHTF situation.
But the people did. Just like the situation.

Suddenly faced with having to deal with situations well outside of training, such as dealing with bodies that are getting ripe and no morgue, multiple shooters/looters of all types, and more.

Mistakes were made, to be certain.
But it also illustrates how even a situation that one knows is temporary can turn permanent in some people’s eyes.