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So – how do we defend against THIS? A highly secretive and misleading Islamic organization, headed by a Turkish man hiding out in the U.S. to avoid prosecution in Turkey, is operating publicly-funded charter schools in the U.S., including on U.S. military bases. I’ve read about this group previously, but was unaware they are now actually running schools on military installations for the children of our active duty personnel. More fundamental evil hidden in plain sight? Reading the entire story fills in some very interesting (and concerning) details. Be fully aware that the following “story” is, in fact, and advertisement by the law firm hired to investigate this man on behalf of the Turkish government (they’re very clear about that up front). But when one searches the organization and its head, the first link below appears to largely be substantiated in terms of the secretiveness, and particularly the seemingly immense fortune and unclear origins of all the money – both of which are concerning. So with that caveat, one might still ask, is Robert Amsterdam (the author) to be disregarded simply because his law firm is investigating the man and his organization, or could he have accepted the job based on his own concerns as well? I don’t know – but with previous information I’ve seen on top of other available information upon searching, along with the massive number of search engine results originating from this organization, one has to wonder. Scam operations are known to “load” search engines quite successfully, under various names. Even a NY Times “story” about the man was actually written BY the man.


Here’s a BBC take on the organization and its head from 2½ years ago. Note the “retreat” owned by this “humble” man in Pennsylvania.


There are pages, and pages of search results on this man and his organization. As only a slight take-off from the topic title, what is this organization (and its head) – really?