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red light using a gen1 or better nv makes you glow, green a little better but not much, all your clothes you wash with standard detergents from store make you glow with new gen 5 think dandruff that is glowing in black light .http://www.atsko.com/ has some stuff that helps to fix that and thermal /FLIR you need special mats think real MARPAT/ CADPAT not looks like but is the stuff not available for 50 buck more like 300. CADPAT is near impossible to get real stuff federal crime to sell it was one store but closed now for 2 years.

as for lights they can be blue/ red with draw backs the idea of night vision saving just use what you can to see or you will make enough noise the light is not half of the issue. use a damn poncho if you have to map read at night or buy some nv even first gen will help.