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Saint: Thank you!!! Greatly appreciate the response. It confirms some things that I have intuitively noticed without understand what I was seeing. I could really identify with several of your life experiences. I was an Air Evac medic in the Air Force. As a result I got to spend a lot of time with pilots listening to their stories. Also wear the same type of trifocals because the others caused nausea.

My wife is a psychotherapist and I will be discussing this with her in greater detail. Quite frankly I didn’t know what to ask her. I do know that she seldom if ever uses hypnosis in her therapy sessions. She wants to avoid at all costs interjecting any bias into the patients thought process.

Once again thank you for the generous gift of your time to answer my question. This forum has been a real blessing for me as far as intellectual stimulation. No ranting and blasting someone, but an honest exchange of ideas and information.