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This is not surprising. Consider the number of Americans who now identify with Bernie Sanders and his Democratic Socialist movement. I can hear Bernie Sanders saying the same thing. We now have a group of political leaders who are very comfortable saying: Communism or Capitalism just pick what works. How many steps or election cycles will we end up with not only a third, but fourth or fifth party. The civil war in the Republican and Democratic parties is to divide us into smaller and smaller camps. These people are committed to turning us in Europe. The American Union will start with Canada, Mexico and the US. Then it will continue to grow South from there.

GS: I agree he sees himself as a citizen of the world. The United States just happen to be where he lives. His goal for the future would be Secretary General of the UN.

Since I’ve already got a tinfoil hat, I better get started on my The End in Near sign. Because I don’t think it matters if a Democrat or Republican get in. They are the same animal with slightly different stripes.