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Double down on this thread’s topic, obviously – now we’ve added the slaughter of 70+ Christians in Pakistan, and the reported (though apparently not confirmed) crucifixion of a Catholic priest on Good Friday, after he was abducted from an old folks home days earlier (where multiple people were murdered by handcuffing them, then shootting them in the head).

Following is commentary in a financial newsletter I just received, of all places, that hits the nail on the head, I believe:

The accelerated pace of the attacks is particularly alarming because there’s no way to win this fight—not without an all-out genocidal war. I’m not even sure that would work. There’s no decisive battle that can be won. There’s no king, general or single leader who can be defeated and forced to order the attackers to lay down their arms. And the attackers are multiplying faster than they can be killed.

Worse, there is no end to the list of “soft targets” they can hit.

It just further speaks to the necessity of doing what we’re all about doing here – preparing ourselves to survive, and hopefully survive as comfortably as possible (if comfort IS even possible with what seems to be coming).