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GS, I’m reminded now of a couple of movies I saw, one, probably back in the early ’80s, about a sinister husband and wife team of movie producers who had somehow got technology that could capture and synthesize not only voice, but a 3D laser scanned image, and incorporate the manipulated image and voice into a movie production. They’d invite an up-and-coming actor/actress to their laboratory, give them a “screen test,” capture enough to fake them, then “knock them off,” sparing untold royalties.

The other film is SIMONE, starring Al Pacino in a radical departure from his trademarked mafioso. If you can find it, it’s imaginative enough to justify the time to watch. Sufficeth it to say, that it concerns a fictional (digital) movie star — one of the most engaging I’ve ever seen.

But increasingly, we must be wary of what we’re shown.

Cry, "Treason!"

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