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Tolik I believe Kennedy made a trade with the Soviets to not invade Cuba and they would not set missiles there. This is why in the bay of pigs Kennedy never sent air support and Castro won them. My father was signed up for the second wave of the bay of pigs by the CIA, He had for years a card given by the CIA to him and he would show it to me. This is why Kennedy allowed Cubans to stay if they landed in the U. S. Kennedy felt bad that thousands were jailed and the leaders were all killed by Castro. After the Bay of pig prisoners spent time in jail Kennedy made another deal with Castro and paid a ransom of I believe $14 million and Castro freed them and they came to Miami.

May do not understand the reason the Cubans have this spacial status of being able to stay in the U. S. well it was Kennedy. Thousands of the older Cubans were ready to fight and die but without air power they had no chance to win.