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Greetings everyone. As 74 pointed out, it is quite possible that Grexit happens, no matter what assurances they say on the news. Partly due to failing on what’s agreed and partly due to inherent flaws with regards to policies applied, the entire structure could implode if they keep mismanaging it.

The situation here hasn’t changed much since one month ago, with the exception of the refugee problem and about 50,000 being currently “trapped” within Greece’s borders. So far, the NATO ships have done very little to deter new shipments enter the islands, so let’s hope this changes soon enough, or many more could arrive, creating a humanitarian catastrophe as things unravel more down the line.

Unemployment rises, the current economic measures seem to be failing to gather resources, and the average man on the street curses the government more and more. Anger outbursts happen more often, and some “anti-establishment squads” of well-equipped anarchists have been spotted causing issues and damages to property, cash machines, two subway stations etc. They even marched branding weapons, (there’s images of them doing that, currently under police scrutiny). Civilians are annoyed by such displays but their hands are tied since they risk being seriously injured or worse if they get involved against such groups. They threaten with similar actions like that and several people are concerned that at some point, there could be casualties.

I wonder if this is but a taste of things to come in the coming months.

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